Freedom Universal Bank

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    Why Now?

    How did it come to this?

    In today’s world, there is so much heath, educational and financial inequality, people are living from paycheck to paycheck wondering where their next meal will come from or for how much longer they will have a roof over their heads, they are smothered in student loans, suffering medical bankruptcy,  or unpaid homemakers, community volunteers, entrepreneurs looking to start an idea, artists struggling to get by, gig economy workers, maybe its facing loss of jobs due to automation of the workforce, undervalued professions who drive our community or simply people who want to create a life for themselves that is worth living.

    The current global pandemic has further exposed the gaping inadequacies of such an exploitative and unfair banking system, which is evident in the hopelessness and futility most people feel. 

    Banks make billions in profit, and yet we the depositor, who provide the bank with its raw material, do not partake in any of the profits and bonuses which go directly to the upper management and stockholders who can afford to buy the shares.

    They claim they ‘give back’ to their loyal customers, but what they give the depositors on average is an interest of 0.09% of their savings for an entire year. That’s a lot less than the annual inflation rate and does not even cover their several charges. That’s like working a 10hr shift and getting paid for just 32 seconds of that shift.


    The truth is they need us a lot more than we need them. Because without our deposits and data, there is no bank. Should we then continue to allow a system that is flawed, corrupt, and only beneficial to THEM thrive? Or do we continue to sacrifice our humanity for a system that is less beneficial to us?

    Freedom Universal, F.U BANK, is saying F.U by creating a better people-centered system. Whether it’s the pauper living in poverty, the average earner, or the prince living in his palace, F.U Bank is there for everyone equally.

    We let you take control of your fate and let you live right, By doing nothing more than your normal banking you will help yourself while at the same time helping others.

    Take back control of your future and change the status quo by using the vast amounts of capital, data, and deposits in the financial system to benefit more people more equally.

    F.U BANK will pay you an SupplementaryIncome once a month, in the form of an equal monthly Depositors Dividend, from the majority of our profits.  F.U Bank shows you that a new way is possible.  What you spend the money is up to you, after all freedom is not money its Choice.  And the choice to a better future is yours.

    A new way of Banking to benefit the many not the few

    You can change the status quo. You can make a difference


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